Linsey aka Cosmic Tigerlilly is , a Louisville native, and has been studying performing arts since age 10. She attended The Youth Performing Arts High School in Louisville KY, and went on to earn a BFA in theatre performance at The Chicago College of Performing Arts School.

Linsey began working with StageOne Family Theatre during the summer of 2011, and discovered her true love of teaching young people and inspiring their creativity. She opened her own coaching studio and worked with thousands of young people; helping to inspire confidence and shape future success. 


Currently, she offers professional development seminars and advertising solutions for corporations around the globe.  Linsey made her mark by directing, performing, and producing her own advertisements and became a trend setter for the future of multinational advertising. Please contact her to learn how she might assist your goals and help you to gain much higher profit margins. There are several different services she might offer, so be sure to read carefully. 




Consulting & Videography

Performer & Brand Ambassador

Professional Development 

 If you need help exploring self-esteem strategies, social skills, for an upcoming audition, job interview, or speech Linsey can help!  She has over a decade of performance experience and has trained thousands in the art of acting and public speaking lessons.

Linsey will make accommodations for all ages and comfort levels. 


Linsey can put dramatic flair into any presentation using creative advertising strategies and videography. 

Storytelling and creative advertising are the keys that unlock financial gain.  

Let a highly trained professional actor and entertainer perform or serve as a spokesperson at your next event. 

With a  variety of skills such as hula hooping, acro- balancing, acting, and modeling; Linsey can manage a wide range of responsibilities. 





Want to infuse more empathy and teamwork into your next board meeting or training? Let Linsey use the principles of drama to discuss and activate the importance of working together and keeping a  positive attitude  

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